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TRCC releases its 2nd Annual Trends, Attitudes and Perspectives (TAP) Report

TRCC releases its 2nd Annual Trends, Attitudes and Perspectives (TAP) Report

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Results from a 2022 online survey to explore trends, attitudes, and perceptions about issues related to health equity.

The Root Cause Coalition has just released its 2nd Annual Trends, Attitudes and Perspectives (TAP) Report. Throughout 2022, TRCC conducted a series of online, 1,000-person, nationally representative surveys to explore Trends, Attitudes and Perceptions (TAP) about issues related to health equity. This report focuses on public perception of major issues related to the social determinants of health. A few of the issues related to health equity we explored this year include health equity, how the home environment impacts health and well-being, mental health, maternal health, gun violence, food allergies, the impact of digital device usage in the lives of Americans, and COVID-19. The data from these surveys offers a snapshot as to how Americans are thinking about these issues and helps TRCC and its members strategically collaborate with one another to educate and advocate for the advancement of these issues among policymakers, partners and others.  We especially thank TRCC Research Committee members and individuals who suggested survey topics, strengthened our survey questions and assisted with sharing the output over this past year.

These data points help validate and support the ongoing effort and need for increased advocacy and policy that addresses health disparities and health equity, as well as the continuing need to enhance awareness and education of these issues among critical audiences. Of course, each survey represents a moment in time that can be impacted by individual’s personal lives, media coverage and other experiences, but overall the findings bring to light many of the health equity challenges and opportunities in front of us today.

Please click here for a link to the full report.

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